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From Tragedy to Triumph...

After having the great honor of pastoring for over two decades (half of that as a senior pastor) Ken Chickk experienced the heartbreak of a devastating unwanted divorce. After the divorce was finalized Ken became a full-time single parent raising their daughters 5 and 7. He subsequently resigned from the ministry in order to focus on his daughters and on his personal healing. During his recovery process he began to feel the desire to remarry. Never wanting to experience the pain of divorce again, nor wanting to put his daughters thru it either, he went on a personal mission to create a strategy that would guide him find his true Forever Love. He knew, if patiently followed, this strategy would give he and his future spouse the greatest opportunity possible to have a marriage that would last "Till Death Do Us Part". After faithfully following the principles written in the pages of his book, How To Find Forever Love, he did find his absolute best perfect match, Rachel. They were married on March 16th, 2018, and after experiencing years of AMAZING marital fulfillment, he knew what worked for them could be used as a road map to help others find their perfect match as well.

The Author Ken Chickk With His Forever Love & Wife Rachel Chickk

grayscale photography of human hands
grayscale photography of human hands
Our Mission

To reduce the divorce rate worldwide by helping singles find their absolute best match before saying "I DO".

Our Vision

To create an eco system where singles everywhere have a platform to find love that will last a lifetime.

Our Dream

According to Wikipedia well over 3 million marriages end in painful divorce worldwide every year. Our dream is to dramatically reduce that pain on a global scale by building an international team of like minded individuals who educate singles on how to implement a simple strategy that could greatly enhance the likelihood of them finding their forever love.

Ken Chickk - Author, How To Find Forever Love

hands formed together with red heart paint
hands formed together with red heart paint

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